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"I know I am in good hands when I work with Rachael. She has helped me improve chronic pain in my shoulder with a very gentle and profound technique. She has helped me understand the origin of my pain and has been very supportive throughout our treatments.

Rachael is a very dedicated professional who listens to her clients and gives an accurate perspective of the connection between bodywork and emotional health."

                                      -Almudena C.

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"Want to start a revolution? Move Slow"

*photograph by Rafael Rivera

My approach to bodywork is to be able to balance both physical well being with the emotional and mental support that is so often needed when experiencing pain and discomfort. 

To do this, I use an effective blend of Thai Bodywork, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki, and tools borrowed from Chinese Medicine.  

My personal philosophy is to be able to actively work together on your goals for well-being. I come from a team sports background, so I am keenly aware of the inherent power that comes from working with one another in this way. I love being able to provide a collaborative atmosphere during sessions that is attuned to your pace, your boundaries, and your level of comfort.

An open dialogue throughout the session enables us to hone in on troubled areas with a deeper sense of support and healing. This ultimately encourages the benefits of the bodywork, allowing the results to unfold in the days and even weeks to come. 

My practice is geared towards those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the patterns of discomfort while committing to take an active role in taking care of their bodies. 

I am sincerely grateful and excited to have found this path for myself. A surgery and over a decade of low back pain (and a resulting very real struggle with alcohol) has guided me to this opportunity to provide well rounded support and healing for those who know in their hearts that a 'better way' is out there. I bring the wisdom gained from these challenging years to this work and I carry with me the compassion that I so needed at the time in my heart. It is nothing short of an honor to be able to share with you these elements that have been so profound in living a pain free and deeply purposeful life.


Hours & Location:

Contact me:

Tribe, A Healing Arts Community

1821 W. Belmont Ave

Chicago, Il 60657


Appointments are made Tuesday - Saturday

Please contact for availability

*Scheduling an appointment with an opportunity for down time afterwards is recommended*

Thai Bodywork demonstration:

Instead of utilizing a massage table, the Thai style of bodywork is done on a comfortable mat on the ground while the recipient is fully clothed. This relaxed approach allows the practitioner to use leverage, gravity, and stability to perform compressions and stretches that are slow, safe and predictable. Our bodies are more open to relaxation and less likely to brace against treatment when we can sense in advance what the next movement will be. In this fashion, we are able to achieve the maximum amount of benefit while expending the least amount of valuable energy. Click the video to view a demonstration.


Thai bodywork is a combination of compressions, stretches, and hands free techniques that allow for maximum comfort for both practitioner and client. This method of bodywork enables us to safely work with muscles and fascia in such a way that will alleviate pain, restore range of motion, and relax the nervous system (which has outstanding benefits to overall stressed out bodies and minds). Thai Bodywork is excellent for those who seek to heal old injuries, alleviate aches & pains, and experience overall relaxation and renewal of energy. 

75 min session: $120*


A very gentle, hands on technique that provides benefit on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Reiki energy promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and helps to clear blockages and restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Spiritual guidance is provided and serves as an excellent compliment during these sessions.  Reiki session is a perfect choice for those who wish to walk alongside peace and compassion while learning about their bodies on a deeper level.

60 min session: $60*

*in home sessions available, please inquire for  scheduling & pricing

Bodywork that is...




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